Murder Fakes

by Wear The Crown

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WTCHC (Wear The Crown Hardcore)

Vocals written and performed by Chad H.
Guitars written and performed by Chad H.
Bass: Mitch Johnson
Drums structured by Chad and Alex C.
Additional Guitar and Engineering assistance by Alex C.


The Fucking Lies That you told
And the look on your face, as if we believe
But I can see right through, what the Fuck do you do
When there's nothing left to prove?

Spoon Fed, I gave you all of your values
Worthless, take a good fucking look at yourself
The pain you've caused will eventually eat you alive
Until then, I won't wait til you die

Your reflection will expose a fake man
I'm not afraid to die

Murder Fakes!
I'm not afraid of the outcome
I'm not afraid of your outcries
I swear this wont be the last time
but I will end you tonight

You dug your own grave
A cowards name etched in the face.

So cold you'll die alone
You fabricated everything you are
No one will even notice when you're gone
and the truth is you were artificial from the start

Dug Your Grave
You dug your fucking grave!

You're ALL the same!
Imitations of a dying game
But I Will visit your grave
Just to fucking piss on it.


released August 11, 2017
Additional Mixing: Scoot Goodrich @ Nutone Studios



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Wear The Crown San Diego, California

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